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Titanic Slot Machine Online For Free

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Titanic Casino Games: Full Overview

We all know the story of the tragic death of the “unsinkable” ship, as well as the atmosphere of luxury and wealth that the decorators laid in the design of the liner. The slot is created with a clear sense of taste and subtly conveys all the charm of the total time.

Décor in the Titanic Games Online

The Titanic Casino game runs on the decks of the Titanic. The rotation of the reels is accompanied by an easily recognizable title melody from the film, though without a song. Probably, the creators of the slot machine decided not to spend more funds on one more expensive license, which gives the right to use the composition of Celine Dion.

titanic slot machine

The symbols depict the characters of DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, as well as other characters of the film (the mother of the main character, the captain). Additional signs are represented by various kinds of luggage, which the passengers took with them on a sea voyage. Among the symbols there is also the image of the Titanic, preparing to leave for its first and, as it turned out, the last voyage.

Plot and Protagonist in the Titanic Slot Machine Online

The plot of the game echoes the story told in the film. The young artist Jack wins a ticket of the 3rd class to the steamboat leaving the pier and comes on board at the last moment. There he meets a beautiful young Rose and falls in love with her.

In the course of the game, a couple in love will take part in a ball on Titanic, and the young artist will be able to draw his beloved.

Special Symbols

The Titanic Slot machine online free is full of special features, but before they become available, you need to determine the amount of the bet. The determination of the bet was made in a very original way. At the beginning of the game, the participant chooses one of several tickets of 1, 2 or 3 classes. For the 3rd class ticket the bet is 0.35 credits, for the second class it rises to 0.80-1.60, and for the first class the bet is 2 credits. The bet size can be changed, but the maximum limits depend on the selected ticket.

For third-class bets, the maximum jackpot and magic jackpot function are not available. The 2nd class tickets are deprived of the maximum jackpot. The greatest set of opportunities are for the 1st class.

There are 25 lines in the slot machine, and the amount cannot be reduced.

The Mystery Double Wilds function, available for all types of bets, is randomly activated when the reels are started. Thanks to it, additional double wild symbols appear among the signs. The loving couple begins to dance, and above the main screen, where the reels continue to spin, the T wild symbols gradually appear. When the dance is over, they descend on the screen and help to form combinations.

With the help of scatters, the player receives payments regardless of how the signs have fallen and is additionally rewarded with free spins. Common wild symbols replace standard signs.

Bonuses when you Play Titanic Slot Machine Online

Among the bonuses you can select the function Mystery Wild Reels Feature, replacing all the signs on two reels on wild symbols.

The theme with Jack’s drawings is revealed in the bonus feature Jack’s Drawing. The player can choose one of the drawings and get a reward.

At the end of any spin a jackpot draw may begin if the Wheel Feature option wasn’t activated. Selecting one of the 3 suggested symbols, the player can become the owner of a large win. However, only in the event that he has chosen a suitable bet (1st or 2nd class).

Prize Winning Game with Titanic Slot Machine App

The scatters dropped on reels 1-3-5 start the Wheel Feature function. The wheel with the symbols of winnings appears on the screen. Each rotation is terminated by winning credits or bonus options. After the rotation is completed, the participant can open several cells with the symbol T, under each of which a prize or a payout multiplier is hidden. The cells are located in several levels, each of which is allowed to open one at a time. The higher the level is, the bigger the prize will be.

The Titanic Slot does not have a risk game. But with such a number of additional bonus features, this can hardly be considered a significant drawback. Moreover, in some cases, the completion of the spin can be accompanied by a draw of the jackpot.